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Transportation of high value goods

One of the leading activities of our company is the transportation of expensive and valuable goods. Many years of experience in the freight market, modern fleet, professional managers and drivers, allows trust our company to transport goods with high material and cultural value.



We offer transport of goods under temperature regime!


Transportation of medicinal products, as well as food products, requires maintaining the right temperature and humidity when transporting them from the manufacturer to pharmacies and hospitals, since for many drugs, both overheating and overcooling lead to a loss of bioactive properties. Therefore, this type of transportation is very responsible and requires special care and responsibility, ranging from the management of the company to the drivers.

Long-term experience in the market of transportation of medications and modern rolling stock of the company gives the opportunity to the front-runner in this market segment.

Deep freeze

Transportation of deep-frozen products is one of the most important goal in the field of cargo transportation, as for some types of food products it is especially important that they arrive on the store shelves as fresh as possible.

The international transport of such goods is carried out exclusively by a continuous cold chain from the manufacturer to the store shelve. Due to this, we get guaranteed fresh food in the end.


Transportation of perishable goods requires special rules and regulations, as the storage time for such goods is limited.

From the point of view of transport logistics, the requirements for the temperature regime of transportation are ensured, first of all, by the correct choice of the vehicle body (van), the refrigerating machine, compliance with the rules for the placement of the goods in the vehicle and organizational arrangements using temperature monitoring systems.

All carry, but we deliver! Delivery - our profession!



VOLVO trucks have established themselves as one of the best in class. According to the tests, these trucks are safe and well suited for the different tasks. A lot of different computer tests, as well as about 100 real crash tests give the possibility to create a truly secure cabin for VOLVO FH truck.

Tilt-covered semi-trailers

22t 92 cub.

Kogel Cargo is Kogel's most popular tilt-covered semi-trailer. It is distinguished by an optimized load-bearing structure with a reinforced frame of 90 millimeters, a reliable body and various devices providing safe transportation of cargo. The semi-trailer of this type has a low weight - from 6,000 kg in the basic configuration - while it has great capacity. A huge number of different configuration options make Kogel Cargo the most suitable and economical solution for any type of transportation.

Main directions

Europe - Ukraine - Russia - Central Asia

Time to provide a car in Austria - 24 hours

Time to provide a car in Ukraine - 24 hours

Delivery time, for example: Vienna - Kiev 36 hours


The presence of reusable CEMT-permissions

There's always a place for your cargo!

Warehouses in Europe

Our customers acquire significant savings in the delivery of their goods, using intermediate warehouses, as well as warehouses for the formation of large volumes of goods. Warehouses can be used for: Storage of goods (before / after / during shipment on a logistics route) Consolidation of goods and further shipment as part of a combined cargo.

Customs services

Customs clearance involves the completion of requisite formalities when moving cargo across the border or changing the customs regime. Getting your cargo through borders will seem to you as a simple and quick process, if our experienced experts will do it. In the complex of services for the delivery of goods, we offer customs clearance, customs clearance of exports and imports of goods.


Transportation of consolidated cargo is one of the priority directions of our company activity. Work experience allows us to create an effective scheme in which all functions are clearly divided and the quality of services meets high European standards. We solve the most complex transport issues at the earliest manageable time. Quality of service and unblemished business reputation are above all for us!

Competence is expensive, and incompetence is even more expensive!

Our advantages
  • Efficiency of delivery
    Optimal logistic schemes
  • Full service
    Delivery from door to door
  • Provision
    Own park, service stations, partner warehouses in Europe, customs brokers
  • Mobility
    Using advanced technologies, multiplied by professionalism
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